Case Studies

Text Box: [1] Property Valuation

Determining the optimal pricing strategy for underutilized real estate is a carefully executed process possible only after a thorough analysis of all aspects of the property in question including;

      1.  Zoning analysis (potential for change)
      2.  Master land use analysis (potential for change)
      3.  Assemblage potential
      4.  Full inventory and analysis of existing entitlement documentation (if any)
      5.  Establishment of “highest and best” uses
      6.  Short escrow vs. Long escrow – how deal structure affects property value
      7.  “End Value” analysis for the most likely potential development scenarios

Text Box: [2] Exclusive Listing and Marketing

The property is positioned within the marketplace to attract buyers looking to develop the property in a manner that will maximize the residual land value.  Evanisko leverages a large internal network of developers and brokers in conjunction with the most effective online forums such as Costar, MLS, AIR, Loopnet to ensure that the property is properly exposed.

      1.  Execution of listing agreement with property owner
      2.  Preparation of marketing materials
          1.  Property brochure
          2.  Signage
          3.  Site photography
          4.  Initial feedback from architects and land use consultants
          5.  Seller feedback on marketing materials prior to distribution
      3.  Execution of market exposure strategy
      4.  Ongoing communication  and status updates to Seller

Text Box: [3] Contract Negotiations and Escrow

Our focused transactional experience handling the sale of underutilized real estate over the past decade has armed us with  an understanding of the most effective negotiating tools and etiquette for maximizing value every step of the way.  Anticipating and addressing seemingly minor nuances  early in the negotiating process enables us to foresee and circumvent more significant issues before they arise.

      1.  Contract negotiations, buyer selection, opening of escrow
      2.  Distribution  of documents including diligence  materials and disclosures
      3.  Creation and adherence to a clear transaction  timeline
          1.  Contract date
          2.  Removal of contingencies and/or additional  milestones
          3.  Coordination of escrow closing
      4.  Regular status updates and communication between all parties

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